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Regional Roundup 2017

A nine hour drive back to Sioux Falls allowed plenty of time for reflection and reliving the memories created on the trip. While the fish, friendships, and food are all easy to remember, it is the… Read More

Project Healing Waters

Impact Story #1

Recently The New Colossus launched another support group for vulnerable teens, this one in a residential treatment facility for girls ages 12-17. We meet with them every other week and talk not but… Read More

The New Colossus

A Steady Investment

We recently caught up with Pastor Aubrey Barnwell, who has been using the VantagePoint3 Pathway of processes for most of his years in leadership at First New Life Church in Phoenix. We were curious… Read More


Meeting Adversity with Perseverance

I recently had a week of ministry scheduled with some artists on the east coast. No small task, but I’ll save you the myriad of boring details and simply say I’d booked my one-way plane tickets… Read More

Lights Out