A house near downtown Sioux Falls, SD was decorated in a rather frightening way leading up to Halloween. It didn’t have skeletons or pumpkins, it was decorated with a large symbol from the satanic church, upside crosses were all over the lawn, along with the number 666, and a table set up for where a hooded man was offering a sacrifice.

The President of the Board of Tapestry and myself were driving by that particular house, we saw a man out front adding more decor, and felt the urge to go chat with him.

We approached him with a smile, told him our names, and asked if he had a few minutes to tell us about the decor in his lawn. He happily engaged us in conversation, and told us about his love for horror movies and his desire to replicate some of the scariest movies on his front lawn. As we were talking, I felt the depth of God’s love for this man!

I did a bold thing!

Before we left the house I asked him if I could pray for him in the name of Jesus. The man replied, “Yes, I would love that!” It ended up with me praying for him and extended an invitation to him and his partner to come over to my home for dinner!

I share this story to implore the body of Christ to joyfully and boldly go into places of spiritual darkness and bring the light of Jesus. I had so many judgments of who I thought this man was until I simply decided to step out of my comfort zone and engage with him inconversation. How many times do we judge people without knowing their stories?

Many people that Tapestry reaches out to have experienced so much pain and rejection. We desire to be a bridge between the body of Christ and those who are on the outskirts of the church. May we all continue to reach out and love the one in front of us!

If you are Sioux Falls local and would like to be a part of our outreach team please e-mail at beth.tapestry@gmail.com

Ways to get involved:

  • Tapestry Ministry would love to come and present at your church or small group for information, questions, and trainings
  • Monthly sponsors to make meals for club outreach
  • Come and join our Fundraising event at Pizza Ranch!

November 26th 2018
Address: 3909 E 10th St., Sioux Falls
Stop in anytime between 5 p.m. & 8 p.m. and a portion of the proceeds go to Tapestry Ministry