How We Help

We're on a mission to help you find the many non-profits doing great things around you, help you follow your favorite organizations' activities and progress, and make it simple for you to donate in private so you can watch your funding help thousands of people flourish.

Charitable giving in the United States has not varied materially from 3% over the last 40 years. People tend to give what they are asked. This process leaves non-profit organizations fighting over the same pool of money each year.

We're here to change the statistics, and simplify the process.

Even a mouse can help a lion.

Many fearless individuals dedicate their lives to helping people, and to bringing change to every disrupted corner of the world. They spend weeks and months on the front lines of poverty, abuse, struggle, and pain trying to cast the smallest ray of positive light on every situation. But in order for those people to succeed they need every bit of support they can get. Every motivating word, every encouraging idea, and every financial contribution plays an equal part.

  • 21 Participating Charitable Organizations (PCO) and growing
  • Lives changed

Flexible Giving Account

Open a Flexible Giving Account to make donations to any of the nonprofits we've featured on this site, or donate directly to the Fearless Fund mutual giving fund. Make your first donation in under 5 minutes. No paperwork, no pledging, and complete privacy. It's the way giving should be.