At Tallgrass Recovery, our vision to help people get their lives back is only possible because of our incredible volunteers, alumni and donors. This year, we are excited to announce that we raised over $50,000 to go toward our scholarship fund, which helps patients participate in our 30-day, residential recovery program.

Even though the scholarship funds are not meant to cover the entire cost, it does provide much needed relief for those who want to come to Tallgrass, and the lasting impact those contributions have on the greater community is immeasurable.

From 2015 to today, Tallgrass has given out 98 scholarships to those who have been ready to start their recovery journey. Of those 98 scholarship recipients, 51 are sober today. If you look at the national average, rehab success is only 10 percent — the lowest being 6 percent, and the highest being 16 percent. But our numbers are showing a 53 percent success rate, and of those 51 sober patients, 21 of them are active volunteers at Tallgrass and within the recovery community today.

This is possible because of our generous contributions, but our work is never finished. We continue to do everything we can at Tallgrass to help individuals and families realize a better life and live out their purpose. We will continue to raise awareness on all of the essential services that Tallgrass Recovery provides for our recovery community in need.

Mallory Flanigam, Tallgrass Development Manager