The Introduction

My name is Jeremy Brown, and I am the CEO and president of Warrior Leadership Coaching. I am a father, a son, a public speaker, publisher and author. My wife, Brooke, and I run Throne Publishing Group, and we live in Sioux Falls with our family.

The One

It started with Jim.* He was the one person who helped me realize something big was happening. Jim started doing drugs at 11 years old, and he started dealing when he was a teenager. I met him through our church his first or second day out of prison as he was looking for a job. Warrior Leadership wasn’t even an idea yet, but he started doing what I called, “Warrior Workouts” with me, and we would count our reps by speaking Scripture out loud. We worked from Exodus 15:3, reciting “The. Lord. Is. A. Warrior.” I fostered my relationship with Jim, and out of this relationship, I was asked to write a letter to the judge on behalf of Jim and his story. A second charge had been brought against Jim, and I was in the courtroom when he was facing a sentence of eight years. But because of my letter, and the change that had occurred within him over the previous six months, the judge gave him a second chance. That’s when I realized there was something to this idea of mentorship.

The Organization

After Jim, I was soon working with 30 guys – mentoring, disciplining and preparing for the workforce. These men needed a culture that kept them engaged. Initially, I was going to connect them with a placement and referral business, until I realized there wasn’t really a place like that for them in town. I had guys calling me all the time asking what to do about their situations, but during this time, I saw something. As I was driving to church, I noticed a license plate that read “Isaiah 61,” which is the Scripture Jesus spoke when he started His ministry. That’s when it came together for me, and I formed Warrior Leadership.

The three pillars we work off of when investing in someone is that they need to be part of a church community, they must have a mentor, and they must have a small group. These three things must be present. We mentor young men and disciple them from these three pillars so they have a foundation to lead, mentor and disciple someone else.

“I was soon working with 30 guys – mentoring, disciplining and preparing for the workforce.”

I wrote the book “Warrior: How God Makes Mighty Men” for more experienced men to use as a tool when coaching and mentoring the younger men. At first, these new mentors didn’t know what to do or what to say, but when they began using the book as a tool to guide the process, they really stepped up. Each chapter is intended to be read in seven minutes, and there are five questions after every chapter to facilitate one-on-one discussion between the mentor and mentee. It’s great to see the men interacting. On one side, you have the experience of “been-there-done-that” but need a renewal of spirit, and on the other side, you have young men who have no vision and no wisdom, but tons of enthusiasm and energy. Both prevail. Our mentors come from all walks of life and many definitions of success, but this program gives each of them a mission that is bigger than themselves. It gives them an opportunity to add value by impacting the lives of the men they serve, which is a remarkable legacy for both.